All Occasion Gift Bows

These gift bows are easy, quick, and addicting! Try making them for any occasion – holidays, birthday, or just because – and then customize them using colored or printed brads, buttons, etc.


(1) Start with 6″ x 12″ piece of scrapbook paper, horizontally. (Tip: a 12″ x 12″ paper yields 2 gift bows with no waste; double sided paper works best)

(2) Cut eight 1″ strips.

(3) Turn the paper 90* and cut one 1″ strip. Turn the paper back and cut four 1″ strips. You will have three sizes of strips now. The smallest will be the middle of your gift bow.

(4) Use your tape runner to put adhesive on the bottom of the strips. The adhesive should be on the side of paper that will be the inside of the bow.

(5) Twist the paper and meet the two ends at the bottom. Repeat this for all strips, except the smallest. Form a circle with the smallest and tape the ends together (see picture 8 for reference).

(6) – (7) Using a handheld punch (1/16″), punch a hole in the bottom of all of the pieces, including the circle.

(8) Start with the circle piece and put a brad through the punched hole. You will need to use the 5/16″ brad because you will need the length on the prongs. A smaller brad’s prongs are not long enough.

(9) Continue with the four small pieces, adding them to resemble a plus sign.

(10) Fill the open spaces, adding four of the larger pieces.

(11) Finish the gift bow by putting the remaining pieces underneath the original four pieces, and spread the prongs to hold the bow in place.

(12) Consider using a colored, patterned, or glitter brad and not using the small circle in the middle for variation. You can also glue a button on top of the brad for a different effect.


Paper: Designer Series Paper

Punches: Handheld Punch (1/16″)

Accessories: SNAIL Adhesive, Brads (5/16″), Paper Cutter


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