Stamps or Spatulas

I’m the one to choose stamps over spatulas any day! BUT, I made a dessert for my workshop yesterday, more of the same dessert for my husband’s co-workers this morning, and we had company coming over tonight for dinner. (phew!) Needless to say, I spent most of my day in the kitchen (when I wasn’t at the grocery store or called for a quick game of Mario Kart!)

I couldn’t let the crafts just sit today (especially on a Monday!) but I decided to forgo Mojo Monday dedicate the week to crafty ideas related to cooking instead. (This is partly inspired by a friend who told me she uses Stampin’ Up! punches to make food cards – great idea!)

Here is a picture of the brownie / cookie / Reese’s peanut butter cup dessert (thanks to Pinterest), wrapped individually for some hungry bankers! I used the Jewelry Tag Punch and Lucky Limeade Baker’s Twine wrapped around some wax paper. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

I made stuffed meat shells (Mom’s best! but not pictured) and mini apple pies for our company. I used a kid’s straw (made of the soft plastic so it bends a little) to create the holes in the top. The pie crust is Pillsbury pre-made dough. The filling is just apples, cinnamon, sugar, and a little flour. (Why did I put in the flour? I saw some recipes that had it. I never remembered making it like that. I threw it in anyway. Hey, I already claimed that no one ever accused me of being a great baker!)

I’ll share recipes and a free printable on Wednesday, so be sure to stop back! 🙂



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