All Wrapped Up

Friday is finally here, and I’m excited to share this great gift idea with you. It’s a culmination of this week’s posts and so versatile. Need a housewarming gift? A bridal shower gift? A birthday or holiday gift for the “kitchen diva” of your family? Then here’s your quick and easy answer:

So you want to know how I did it? Glad you asked!

Print the recipe cards from Wednesday’s post (Recipes and Free Printable) and cut.

To make the clothespin, simply purchase a large clothespin from a local craft store. I bought this one at Michael’s for $1.50 and was lucky that it was already sanded and painted. (You can also find an unfinished clothespin and sand and paint yourself.) Cut your paper slightly larger than your clothespin. Put sticky strip close to all the edges of the clothespin and adhere the paper to it. Use an x-acto knife to trim the edges, including the portion that covers the silver hinge (unless, of course, you don’t want to ;)). Repeat for the other side of the clothespin.

And a handy tutorial for the recipe card holder (pictured on the left):


(pre-pictures) I used the Recipe Card Holder Template and added MDS Domestic Goddess paper behind it. You could also print this out on any Designer Series paper you like.

To match the free printable from Wednesday: Domestic Goddess Recipe Card Holder Template

Now, back to instructions: Cut out the template; score and fold along the gray solid lines. Then, continue here…

(1) Pierce the paper in two spots directly across from each other (one on the flap and the other on the bottom portion) using a Paper Piercing Tool. Punch two 1/2″ circles from card stock. Pierce a hole in the center of each of them.

(2) Pierce a small brad through the holes on the card stock first and then through the recipe card holder. Separate the prongs on the brads to make them stay.

(3) Using Baker’s Twine, tie it underneath one of the card stock circles, twice – to make a knot. Be careful not to tie to tightly and rip the card stock.

(4) Insert the recipe cards in the holder and wrap the Baker’s Twine several times to close the flap.

(5) The finished product!

I hope you enjoyed “cooking week” for something a little different. I’ll have more cute projects  in the next few weeks that you won’t want to miss. Subscribe to my blog below (just enter your email address) so you’re sure not to miss anything! Have a great weekend! 🙂


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