Mummy Mason Jars

Where has this week gone?! I’m sure you’ve probably noticed the redesign of my blog already. What do you think of it – I’d love to know if you like it better (or if you don’t!).

I had planned to post a quick project and tutorial today but after it was finished, I decided to send it to Stampin’ Up! for a monthly contest. I promise I’ll post a tutorial and pictures after it wins. (!!!)

In the meantime, because Hayden only took a 45-minute nap and we had one thousand errands to run, I’m showing you the start of my Halloween decorations. I saw this idea on Pinterest (the original link is no longer valid) and thought it was so cute. We don’t normally decorate for Halloween but because I’m hosting a Halloween workshop this month and we have a three-year old son, it’s a must this year! (And yes, I am getting a jumpstart.)

I made these with mason jars and ankle wrap. Yes, you’re supposed to use gauze but seriously… it was all I could find! Actually, it’s a little sticky so it was really easy to work with! I cut it in half, length-wise, just because I preferred the look of it that way. After I finished wrapping them, I used a Soft Suede Ink Pad and a Stampin’ Sponge to add grunge color all over and heavier on the edges of the wrap. Be careful, because your fingers will get inky. 🙂 I hot glued the eyes on, overlapping in some areas, and then inserted the flameless candles in each one.

Stay tuned for more Halloween decorations (and a GIVEAWAY!). I promise – most of the rest will be using mainly Stampin’ Up! products.


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