Peeking Toilet

I mentioned that I’d be posting our Halloween decorations for your to see. We’re not completely done, but it’s only September – I’m not ready to go full-swing yet! I’m going to take this entire week to show you everything. Disclaimer: I’ve seen most of the ideas on Pinterest, and modified them to either fit what we like or Stampin’ Up!-anized them. Another disclaimer: I’m not into scary Halloween, but I’m perfectly fine with cute, funny, and Pottery Barn-like!

Here’s our main bathroom:

Ha! I loved this when I saw it, but there was no way I was cutting pieces by hand for the “peeking toilet” as I’ve affectionately named it. No need to – with a few Stampin’ Up! punches, you’re all set! I used the 1 3/4″ Circle Punch (white eyes), 3/4″ Circle Punch (black eyes), and the Mitten Builder Punch (fingers).

How do you do it? Punch 6 mittens and cut the thumbs off of them. Tuck the side with the cuff under the angled black paper and you’re all set! I used Scotch tape donuts to adhere everything so it doesn’t ruin the toilet and it comes off easily.

For the hands holding the toilet paper, purchase some inexpensive kid-sized gloves. I found mine at Jo-Ann Fabrics in the dollar bin (perfect!). I stuffed the fingers with the brown packing paper that comes in Stampin’ Up! shipments, and pipe cleaners (so they bend). The original Pinterest post suggests using aluminum foil wrapped in fabric. I suspect it stays in place much better than mine!

Both of these are a hit with Hayden. They were greeted with a “WHOA!!” and a “Nice to meet you!” (shaking hands with the gloves). Success. 🙂


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