Change is Good

Over the past few days, I’ve been working to update my blog by adding some new materials and resources for you. Be sure to check out the navigation bar and these new features:

RESOURCES MENU: Find all of the “old” templates along with a new hiding place for all tutorials that have been published on my blog. Each one is available in PDF format, so you can easily print and take it crafting with you! Stay tuned, because I have big plans for the templates page, too!

MY DIGITAL STUDIO: I recently purchased My Digital Studio (MDS) and will be posting projects to show you. But that’s not all! These pages contain handy resources to help you get started with MDS, learn new techniques by video, keep current with the newest downloads, or view the entire catalog.

ETSY & CUSTOM: I’ve opened an Etsy shop! You can now purchase many of the projects featured on my blog, and some new projects. Check back often because I will be adding more items regularly. Interested in custom work? I’ve got you covered! Send me an email with your project details, and let’s get started! AND, please share Studio29Creative Etsy & Custom with your friends and family!


Coming Up – We’re going to finish off the week on Friday with a new guest blogger! 🙂



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